eBay registration :

Although eBay registration is totally free, it's not as easy as some other web services. Follow the steps below for eBay registration process and you will be properly registered at eBay. It will take less than 5 minutes. Remember, that registration on eBay gives you access to eBay's Half.com as well (UserID and password are the same).
First of all, click here for quick eBay
Select your country, and click CONTINUE.

Verify that all your personal info is correct - name, address, telephone, and especially email. Enter optional information if you want.
If you use an email from Hotmail, Yahoo, etc., you will be asked to provide a valid credit card to eBay at time of registration. This is to verify your identity, and protect eBay members against fraud. Use ISP, company, or school email address when you register if you want to avoid this. Email is required because eBay will send you a message with instructions on how to complete registration.
On this step of eBay registration you will see a summary of the information you entered. Double check it, and click CONTINUE.

Now you need to create your eBay UserID. This is a very important step, because you are allowed to change UserID only once at 30 days. When this occures, your account status icon changes to .

1) Don't use your email or full name as your UserID.
2) Try to pick a name that will reflect on your intended eBay business, such as GuitarMan or BasketballJim77 - something that contains your eBay business related word + your first name + additional numbers (often needed because of very many people registered at eBay). Such UserID structure helps to identify your eBay business quickly. (Pay attention, that UserID becomes a part of your "My eBay" minisite's URL).

Next, choose a password for your new account. Refer to eBay Password Tips for some useful tips. Click CONTINUE.

On the next page, check 2 verification boxes. Be sure you've read and understand the agreement!

Very quickly you'll receive an email from registration@ebay.com with subject "eBay registration". Find a phrase "To complete your registration, click on the link below" and click the link.

Complete the form on appeared screen if needed. You'll see the message "You are Ready to Bid and Sell!" or something similar.

This step of eBay registration is optional. Here you can modify your eBay preferences. Just go to "My eBay", click the button "Preferences/Set-Up" and find the link "Change my notification preferences".

You are now a member of the eBay community, BUT...
your eBay registration is not considered active until you've bid on at least one item!
Now your new account have a "new user" icon (     ) near your UserID. Sometimes it may prevent eBay sellers to make a deal with you, because you have not eBay membership rating. To get this icon disappearing you need to start placing bids. Don't wait, start bidding today! GO AHEAD and "try the water" by bidding on an inexpensive item.
Just find something that will be useful to you - CD, DVD or a book - then place your bid. Who knows, you just might win your first auction for a dollar or two!

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